Assisted Living


The litecup brings together a nightlight and a non-spill cup. This practical functionality makes it ideal for anyone in the family who wants to have a drink by their bedside or needs to easily find a cup in the dark.  This functionality makes the litecup an excellent disability aid or independent living product for adults or children with health conditions that might affect their mobility, stability or vision. 

During the day:

  • No cleaning up if it gets accidentally knocked over or dropped.
  • The contents can’t spill even if the person carrying it has tremors or a muscle weakness that means they tend to tip drinks.
  • Litecup does not look therapeutic or babyish - it’s a stylish, functional product that anyone can use!
  • The unique valve system has a cup edge - so people don't have to suck from straws or spouts.


At night:

  • The soft nightlight can help people locate the drink who have vision concerns at night.
  • The valve means the cup can safely be used lying down.
  • The cup can be placed anywhere around the bed making checking on people at night nice and easy.